What do ants eat?

Like us, they love food and water (species may vary)

Ants like to eat a lot of food that humans do: potato chips, bread, jelly, and sugar. They may also eat other insects. Anything you can do to remove exposed human and pet food, clean up spills, and seal or take out the trash can help mitigate your ant problem. Don’t let your kitchen floor become an ant buffet!
Call in the Clean Up Crew
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5 Ways to Remove UAF (Unintentional Ant Food)

  1. Clean up food and drink spills right away
  2. Store all food in sealed, airtight Ziploc® containers
  3. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink
  4. Wipe down sticky jars of things like honey or jam before placing them in the pantry
  5. Regularly sweep and mop floors, especially in the kitchen and dining room
Did you know?

Outdoors, plant-feeding insects such as aphids produce a sticky substance that many ants eat. This substance may be found on the leaf itself, or any surfaces under it such as outdoor furniture, cars, picnic tables, the deck, or siding. Treat these plants and trees that are attacked by aphids with an outdoor product like OFF® Bug Control Backyard Pre-Treat. Read the label for specific bug and plant treatments.

Start a Drought to Keep Ants Out

Ants are as attracted to water as they are to food, so it’s important to keep surfaces in your home dry–including sinks!